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Trellis Netting - 6.5' x 3,300' - 6" Squares - 12GSM - Single Roll

Trellis Netting - 6.5' x 3,300' - 6" Squares - 12GSM - Single Roll

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Single roll of 454 Bags Trellis Netting, 6.5'x3,300', 6" squares, 12GSM.

FREE SHIPPING ON TRELLIS ORDERS OVER $1990 (excludes Alaska and International).

Our Trellis Netting stands out as the strongest option on the market, specifically designed for large commercial cannabis farms. Unlike standard rolls, each of our rolls is wider at 6.5', providing more coverage. Additionally, our netting boasts a length of 3,300', ensuring you have plenty for your needs. What sets our product apart is its 12 GSM rating, making it more durable than competitors' offerings that typically range from 8 to 10 GSM. The double-edged design enhances its strength and durability, while also making unrolling easier during installation.

Designed with the needs of commercial cannabis farms in mind, our trellis netting is an ideal choice for those looking for a strong, wide, and cost-effective solution. Whether you're supporting large plants or need a reliable option for your garden, our netting is up to the task. We offer three convenient purchasing options: by the roll, by the pallet, or multi-pallet, ensuring you can get the quantity you need at a great price. Invest in our trellis netting to give your gardens the support they need and deserve.

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