454 Bags No Trace
Bioplastic Post Harvest Bags and Liners
Introducing the Worlds First Cannabis Bioplastic Bags.
3 Years of Formulation.
Patented Bioplastic Blends.
The Scary Truth About Plastic
Our goal at 454 Bags has always been to reduce the cannabis industry's plastic footprint. Our original plastic line was all recyclable, including the first ever curbside recyclable vaccum bags. All the time we have been formulating our bioplastic line. After 3 years of testing we are proud to release 454 Bags No Trace in March 2023.



Annual plastic waste from the cannabis industry. There's 70 grams of plastic waste for every gram of cannabis produced.


Still Exists

Plastic never really goes away. In fact, every piece of plastic ever produced still exists on earth in some form, mainly microplastics.



Only 5% of plastic is recycled in the USA. The majority of plastic that is placed in recyling bins is never actually recycled.
Our vision at 454 has always been bioplastic. But we couldn't sacrifice quality. So for 3 years we formulated and tested relentlessly until we had bioplastic that was landfill biodegradable and outperformed plastic in every way.

TJ Howe

Founder, 454 Bags

Our Bioplastic Story

Our goal from day one at 454 Bags has always been to bring the cannabis world better bags at a fair price, while reducing the industry's plastic footprint. 

We started with 454 Bags and made all the bags you use in a cleaner and recyclable plastic that was formulated specifically for cannabis. 

However, we weren't satisfied there. We always had a goal of bioplastics. So we spent 3 years formulating a bioplastic blend specific to cannabis that will outperform plastics. Now it's here. 

454 Bags No Trace is our brand of cannabis bags that literally leaves no trace. They are 100% landfill biodegradable. 

We also have the USDA Biopreferred status. This means that our raw materials and our manufacturing process is overly scrutinized to ensure they are organic, non GMO, pesticide free and made to extreme quality standards. This status is not small feat to obtain. 

While we can't give away exactly what our bioplastic formulation is, we can tell you that it is corn based. But unlike most bioplastics, ours is actually landfill biodegradable. This means that our bags will break down in the landfill environment. Most are biodegradable only in very specific conditions. 

DID YOU KNOW...microplastics are being found in cannabis products. This is from the leaching of the plastics your cannabis is surrounded by through its entire life cycle. Let's help prevent anyone from ingesting bioplastics through cannabis. 

We know that your cannabis is your livelihood and trusting a new type of bag can be nerve wracking. But rest assured, these bags aren't only better for the earth, they are better for your cannabis and outperform the plastic alternatives. 

  • 100% Oxygen Barrier - This prevents oxidation and keeps odors in. 
  • Seals Better Than Plastic 
  • Stronger Than Plastic 
  • Anti Microbial and Anti Bacterial - Once in the bags, no mold/fungus/bacteria can survive. 

Even in Bioplastic, we can get you bags cheaper than our competitors plastic options. 

Samples are available, info@454bags.com.
Have Any Question?

When will they be available for purchase?

We have finished our first production run and plan to launch them for sale in March 2023.

What products will you have?

Initially we will have 11" and 15" vacuum bags, tote liners and turkey bags. Soon to follow will be a rigid trellis, grow bags, and end product bags (like mylar bags). 

Are they going to be expensive?

Our bioplastic line will be slightly more expensive than our plastic line. However, we will keep our bioplastic line cheaper than our competitors plastic products.
Can I get samples?
Samples are available, just shoot us an email or fill out the form to the left.