About Us

454 Bags
For Cannabis by Cannabis

Reynolds oven bags...that was the start. October 2008, the beginning of harvest, time to get bags. No hydro stores, no products made specifically for cannabis. It was a race between growers to get the supermarkets and buy up the Reynolds oven bags. 

Since then the cannabis supply industry has boomed. Yet when it came to the bags we store our cannabis in, not much had. 

Some brands jumped in the game but instead of innovating they just duplicated the Reynolds oven bag and called it good. Well, almost good. Since it was being marketed to cannabis they figured why not mark it up 200%. 

In 2019 we had had enough of overpaying for a bag that was literally made for cooking turkeys. We wanted a reasonably priced bag that was actually made for cannabis. 

We also took a look at the insane amount of plastic waste that was generated by the cannabis industry. 

So we set a goal to help reduce that. Bioplastics was the answer, but not the quick one. 

While we began tweaking the bioplastic formulations, we decided to launch 454 Bags with a recyclable plastic. 

We secured manufacturing lines and got to work. We soon had a full line of post harvest bags and liners, that were made of a plastic formulated for cannabis, were recyclable, and we could sell for almost half the price of the competitors. 

Since then we have continued to release superior products at fair pricing. 

Now as we write this, we are just weeks away from launching our bioplastic line of products.

We will continue to innovate and follow the vision we had from the start. We are farmers like you and we share this industry with you. We want to support you with superior products at a fair price.