Sample bag of our 'Not For Turkey Bags' dispensing from the roll, showcasing the 22
Hand pulling out a sample of our Oversized 'Not For Turkey Bags', highlighting its superior quality and size ideal for cannabis preservation.
Sealed packaging of our sample 'Not For Turkey Bag', emphasizing its Made in the USA label and dedication to cannabis storage excellence.

SAMPLES - 1 Oversized (22"x26") "Not For Turkey Bags" on a Easy Dispense Roll - Fits Up To 2lb

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Curious about the best in cannabis storage? Try a sample of our renowned 'Not For Turkey Bags' and witness the difference firsthand. While traditional turkey bags suit Thanksgiving, ours are engineered exclusively for cannabis flower. This 22"x26" sample bag, pulled from our easy-dispense roll, stands tall against its 18"x20" competitors. Designed to snugly line a 5-gallon bucket, it can comfortably hold up to 2 pounds, ensuring a secure tie even with the most voluminous strains. Experience enhanced odor control, puncture resistance, and the confidence of a bag made from a flower-focused plastic blend. Crafted with pride in the USA, this sample is your invitation to redefine cannabis storage.  

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Softer Plastic Won't Strip Trichomes...Easy Dispensing Roll, No Mess Getting Liners Out...
Oversized For Easy Application
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