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125 Oversized Tote Liners - 27/38/40 Gallon - Easy Dispensing Roll (54"x36")

125 Oversized Tote Liners - 27/38/40 Gallon - Easy Dispensing Roll (54"x36")

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Introducing Our Cannabis-Specific Tote Liners: Elevate your cannabis storage game with our Oversized Tote Liners. Each roll comes with 125 premium liners, generously sized at 54"x36" to comfortably fit up to a 40-gallon tote. Designed with the unique requirements of cannabis growers in mind, these liners provide ample space for easy, hassle-free filling of your valuable crop.

Key Features Tailored for Cannabis:

  • Premium Thickness for Cannabis Protection: Crafted from a specialized plastic blend, our tote liners are thicker than standard options. This added thickness is crucial for superior odor control and puncture resistance, essential for maintaining the quality and discretion of your cannabis products.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Quality and sustainability are at the heart of our production. Manufactured in the USA, these liners represent our commitment to supporting local industries and the highest standards in cannabis storage solutions.
  • Convenient Dispensing Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bag dispensing. Our liners are perforated for easy tear-off, and the box they are housed in doubles as a practical dispenser, streamlining your cannabis handling process.

Why Choose Our Tote Liners for Your Cannabis? Unlike generic liners repurposed from traditional materials, ours are specifically formulated for cannabis storage. This means each liner is designed to provide the utmost protection and performance for your cannabis products. Whether it's preserving the freshness of your flower or ensuring a discreet storage solution, our tote liners are the answer.

Upgrade Your Cannabis Storage Today: Select our Oversized Tote Liners for a seamless, odor-controlled, and efficient storage experience tailored for cannabis. Trust in our quality and performance and make the smart choice for your cannabis operation. Order now and see the difference firsthand!

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