Hand showcasing the 'Titanfine' nitrile exam glove, emphasizing its snug fit and protection – perfect for therapy, diagnostic, and food processing applications.
Angled view of the 'Titanfine' brand nitrile exam glove box, highlighting its latex-free and powder-free features, suitable for diverse industries.
Another angle of the 'Titanfine' nitrile glove box, emphasizing its design and bulk quantity, ensuring hands remain protected and sticky-free in various work environments.

Nitrile Gloves - Latex Free - Case of 1,000

$69.99 USD
Gloves are not just about protection; they're about ensuring quality and safety, especially in industries with high standards like cannabis cultivation and processing. We recognized the need for superior protection, and leveraging our vast manufacturing network, we bring you the "Titanfine" brand nitrile exam gloves - a symbol of quality and safety. Why Choose "Titanfine"? Made for the Industry: Nitrile gloves are widely acknowledged as the best in the cannabis sector, and for a good reason. They offer unmatched protection, especially when working in environments like cultivation facilities or trimming rooms. Their resilience against punctures makes them perfect for handling sharp tools and sticky cannabis resins. Safety First: With the potential of various biological and chemical hazards present in industries like cannabis, nitrile gloves act as the first line of defense. They ensure that the purity of your product remains uncompromised and are also excellent barriers against potential risks like mold exposure. !important; Latex-Free: Nitrile gloves are a boon for those concerned about latex allergies. Completely devoid of latex, they ensure a safe and irritation-free experience. Quality at an Unbeatable Price: We've tapped into our vast manufacturing network to bring you these high-quality gloves at a price that won't hurt your wallet. Stay protected without compromising on your budget. Product Features: 10 boxes of 100 gloves. Latex-Free: Ideal for those with latex allergies. Powder-Free: Ensuring a clean and uncompromised environment. Ambidextrous: Designed for both left and right-handed users. Perfect for a wide range of applications including therapy, diagnostic, laboratory, cleaning, chemical industry, workshops, electronics, and food processing. Keep your hands sticky-free and ensure the integrity of your work with "Titanfine". Place your order today and experience the difference of premium protection.

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