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454 Bags

454 Post Harvest Kit - 100lb Harvest

454 Post Harvest Kit - 100lb Harvest

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Comprehensive Post-Harvest Kits - Streamline the 454 Post Harvest Process

Discover our comprehensive post-harvest kits, meticulously designed to streamline the 454 Post Harvest Process. These kits are tailored to various harvest yields, ensuring you only purchase what's necessary.

100 Pound Harvest Kit includes:

  • 25 Tote Liners: Designed to perfectly fit up to 38-gallon totes, providing efficient storage for your harvest.
  • 100 Not For Turkey Bags: Premium storage bags that can accommodate your valuable produce with ease.
  • 4 Space Saver Bags: These bags ensure the safe storage of turkey bags, maximizing your storage space.

The cost breakdown for this kit is just $2.25 per pound, offering exceptional value for your post-harvest needs.

Elevate your post-harvest process with our carefully curated kits. Save time, reduce waste, and ensure your harvest is handled with precision. Order your 100 Pound Harvest Kit today and experience the convenience of a well-organized post-harvest operation.

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