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1lb - Bioplastic - Store/Cure Bag

1lb - Bioplastic - Store/Cure Bag

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Introducing the evolution of cannabis storage – the groundbreaking solution that marks the end of the era dominated by traditional turkey bags. For far too long, the industry has settled for subpar options designed for cooking turkeys, but we're here to revolutionize your cannabis storage experience.

Say farewell to the limitations of outdated bags, and welcome a new era with our cutting-edge, patented bioplastic formulation, specifically crafted for cannabis storage. These bags surpass the capabilities of any turkey bag or conventional plastic bag on the market.

Key Features:

  • 100% Oxygen Barrier: Bid farewell to stinky bags and oxidation. Our bags create an impenetrable shield against oxygen, ensuring the integrity and freshness of your cannabis.

  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial: Once sealed, our bags provide an unlivable environment for mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria, safeguarding your cannabis from potential contaminants.

  • Landfill Compostable: Embrace sustainability effortlessly. Toss the bags in the trash, and within 1-2 years, they organically break down in landfills. No need for a specialized composter – just a conscientious choice for the environment.

  • Trichome Preservation: Crafted from a smooth bioplastic material, our bags prevent scraping and deterioration of trichomes, preserving the potency and quality of your cannabis.

  • Versatile Storage Options: Whether you prefer heat-sealing for long-term storage or the convenience of a resealable zipper for short-term use, our bags cater to your storage needs.

  • USDA Biopreferred Certification: Elevate your cannabis experience with confidence. Our bioplastic holds the prestigious "USDA Biopreferred" status, ensuring organic, pesticide-free, and contaminant-free raw materials.

Make the conscious and superior choice for your cannabis and the planet. Upgrade to the NEW cannabis bag – bid farewell to the turkey bag and embrace a sustainable, innovative, and premium solution for your prized cannabis collection.

These bags can be customized and custom printed with your branding. Email us today for a custom quote.

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