Pre Order With 50% Down $299.99 - Bioplastic Rigid Trellis - 6.5' x 3,300' - White
Pre Order With 50% Down $299.99 - Bioplastic Rigid Trellis - 6.5' x 3,300' - White

Pre Order With 50% Down $299.99 - Bioplastic Rigid Trellis - 6.5' x 3,300' - White

$149.99 USD
$399.99 USD
The World's First BioPlastic Rigid Trellis. 6.5' x 3,300' Roll. White. This is a pre order with 50% Down. You pay $149.99 now and $150 when we ship your orders. $299.99 total cost. If you select this method of pre order you will save 25% on your trellis and receive a code for a lifetime 20% discount on all 454 products. Once we are ready to ship your order the balance (50%) must be paid prior to shipping. This is a pre production pre order. We will start a production run once we have obtained enough pre orders. From starting production to delivery we estimate 2-3 months, however this is subject to change. You can cancel your order anytime pre production. We will send an email prior to starting production. Once we start production there is no cancellations. An exception will be made if we cannot deliver your trellis within 120 days of starting production. Pre production, all pre order funds will be kept in a dedicated bank account.  The cannabis industry generates 300M pounds of plastic waste annually. A huge percentage of that is from plastic trellis. In fact the cannabis industry is producing so much trellis waste that landfills are stopping accepting it. This means that plastic trellis is requiring special disposal in more and more places, adding on an extra expense. We spent 2 years perfecting this bioplastic trellis. With all of our bioplastic products, just bioplastic isn't enough. It has to be better than the plastic version. Our trellis is stronger than plastic, and won't leach microplastics into your cannabis. Our bioplastic has earned the USDA Biopreferred status. This is the highest standard for bioplastic products. It requires USDA testing and oversight to ensure all raw materials are organic and free of pesticides. This trellis is formulated to be landfill biodegradable. What does this mean? It means it will organically degrade to nothing in a landfill environment, and does not require a commercial composter. Depending on your climate, the trellis will organically disappear within 1-2 years at a landfill.  Because of it's landfill biodegradable status, landfills must accept it for no additional cost.  Make a smart choice for your plants, your wallet and your earth. Make the switch to 454 Bioplastic Trellis.

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