WORLD'S FIrst plastic free rigid trellis

Pre Order And SAVE UP TO 40% Plus Get A LIFETIME DISCOUNT On All 454 Products
  • Stronger Than Plastic

    Formulated and Tested To Be Stronger Than Traditional Trellis
  • Landfill Biodegradable

    Organically Disappears in 1-2 Years In Landfill Environment
  • USDA BioPreffered

    Highest Standard for Bioplastic Products
  • Get Ahead

    Plastic Trellis Is Being Banned From Landfills

The Cannabis Industry Generates 300M Pounds of Plastic Waste Annually...
A Large % Is From Trellis.
Get Better Trellis and Help Reduce The Industry's Plastic Footprint 

PRE order with option for no money upfront

Option 1: Pre Order with a Purchase Order - Send us a purchase order (or place your order and we will send you a blank PO). You will the trellis at a 25% discount, and a lifetime 10% discount on all 454 Products. 6.5’x3280’ Roll - Regular $399.99 / Your Price $299.99  

Option 2: Pre Order with 50% Down - Pay 50% of your order now and the rest upon us shipping. You get a 25% discount on the trellis, and a lifetime 20% discount on all 454 Bags Products. 6.5’x3280’ Roll - Regular $399.99 / Your Price $299.99.  

Option 3: Pre Order 100% Payment - Pay your full order now. You get a 25% discount on the trellis, and a lifetime 20% discount on all 454 Bags Products. 6.5’x3280’ Roll - Regular $399.99 / Your Price $299.99.

Pre Order Before June 14 and Receive An Additional $150 In Credit to


  • Select Your Pre Order Option

    You can pre order with a purchase order, 50% down or 100% down. All pre order funds will be held in a dedicated bank account until production starts. You can cancel up until we start production.
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    If your pre order option comes with a lifetime discount code for all 454 products, you can start using that code immediately.
  • Receive Your Sample

    Everyone who pre orders will receive a 20' samples of the trellis. This will give you a chance to confirm it is what we claim. If you don't think the trellis will work for you we will refund you. 
  • Start Production

    Once we have enough pre orders we will start our production run. We will alert all pre order holders prior to starting, this will be the last chance to cancel your order.
  • Production

    We anticipate 90-120 days from starting production to product delivery. If we cannot deliver within 120 days for manufacturing reasons, we will give you the option to be refunded.
  • Fulfillment

    When we are ready to ship your order you will need to pay the balance of your purchase order or the remaining 50%, if you pre ordered with those options.

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Do you use plastic trellis? How do you dispose of it? 

If your landfill is still accepting its just a matter of time until they stop…You’ll become one of the 1000’s of farms having to pay for special disposal. Plus I know you care about the planet. 

But you probably didn’t know your industry, the cannabis industry, is responsible for 300M pounds of plastic waste annually. Together we can solve both these problems. It’s no extra cost to you, and you get a superior product.

Introducing the worlds first rigid bioplastic trellis. Strength tested to be stronger than the traditional plastic trellis. Landfill biodegradable to organically disappear at any public landfill within 1-2 years. 

454 Bags has done the hard work, the R&D to develop the product. We’re ready to do the production run. Rather than looking to investors, who aren’t very interested in our direct to farm low pricing model… 
We’d rather offer you the chance for discounted trellis, plus lifetime discounts on all 454 products… 
You don’t even need to pay cash up front. 
Help us help you help the environment and your wallet.