Wanna Join A Cool Club???

Well maybe it isn't that cool, but it will SAVE YOU MONEY. And support our mission to launch the world's first rigid bioplastic trellis.

If us launching a plastic trellis seems counter intuitive to supporting a bioplastic trellis, we know, but keep reading it will make sense...

Ready to get superior trellis at a fraction of the cost?

$199 per roll of 6.5' x 3300' trellis.
(We will have trellis for sale on the website outside of the club, as inventory allows, at $224.99 plus shipping)

And of course coming from 454 you can rely on us to deliver a better product with innovations specific for cannabis.

  • 12 GSM (grams per square meter). Compared to the industry standard 8-10gsm. The increase in material helps the rolls maintain their circular shape for easier unrolling.
  • 6.5' width to better accommodate commercial growing spaces.
  • Double edged for increased tear resistance.
Why are we making this a club?

Great question.

With products like trellis, the risk of selling out or not maintaining inventory is a risk. Especially at the price we will offer it at.

When you are accepted in, we are guaranteeing you that we will always deliver your trellis exactly when you need it. We will pre manufacture for your specific upcoming needs, and we will store the trellis for you until you need it.

You won't need to worry about it selling out or being backordered. Your trellis will be earmarked for you only.

As more farms become interested we will increase production to accommodate them.

How the club works...

$99 per month membership dues. DON'T FREAK OUT, it will still be much cheaper, plus other benefits.

The monthly membership dues serve two purposes:
  1. We are making your trellis months before you need it and storing it for you. The monthly fee holds the trellis for you.
  2. Supports our efforts to bring our patented bioplastic trellis to market (more about this below).
All trellis will be shipped by the pallet. Each pallet will hold 8-10 rolls. 

You select the frequency you need pallets.

We auto bill on the frequency you select, and can break each shipment into two payments.

If you need to change your frequency you can do it anytime.


454 Farms uses 4 rolls of trellis per month. 

We would select a pallet of 8 rolls delivered every 2 months.

We would pay $99 membership dues on the first of each month. $198 total for 2 months.

The 8 rolls would cost us $199 per roll x 8 = $1,592.

We would break that into two payments, $796 auto billed at the time of the pallet shipping and the 2nd $796 due in the middle of the 2 months. 

In total the 8 rolls would cost $1,592 + $198 = $1790 or $223.75 per roll which includes shipping and tax.

The best part is once you do the initial setup (2-4 minutes) you never have to think about trellis again. It will auto bill and we will auto ship.

Supporting Sustainability: The Journey from Plastic to Bioplastic Trellis

We recently tried to launch our bioplastic trellis and faced a big hurdle - the price difference between plastic and bioplastic. We heard you all loud and clear, and understand your concerns. It's just not feasible to pay $100's more for bioplastic.

The price difference only exists because the plastic industry is a behemoth with cheap raw materials. Bioplastic is a newer industry and the raw material isn't sold on a scale allowing plastic prices.

And this is how us launching a plastic trellis gets us to launching our bioplastic trellis, at the same price. 

By giving farms an exceptional deal on trellis, we can get enough farms in the club so when we convert to bioplastic, we will be doing enough volume to get the bioplastic raw material cost down.

Don't worry, we won't force you to switch to bioplastic. But we know its a superior product and once you see it you will want to.

 A Global Impact - What Bioplastic Trellis Would Mean

The cannabis industry uses at least 16.2 million pounds of trellis per year. We are on a mission to eliminate this plastic waste. You choice to support our trellis club, not only saves you money, but it will have a global impact on plastic waste and our movement towards sustainability.

Join the Movement, Make a Difference

Ready to be part of this transformative journey? 

Click the link below to fill out an interest form (takes 30 seconds). 

No payment is due until we ship your first pallet.

Thank you for being a part of the 454 family - together, we're transforming the future of cultivation.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your grow and champion sustainability with the 454 Trellis Club.