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454 Bags

Vacuum Bags - 5mil - 50ct

Vacuum Bags - 5mil - 50ct

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Are you sous vide cooking or storing produce? Other vacuum bag brands just copy bags that were designed for storing produce and sous vide cooking. 

454 Vacuum Bags are a unique, proprietary plastic that was formulated specifically for produce. We tested blend after blend to find the perfect plastic for produce. 

  • Stronger Seal
  • Higher oxygen barrier
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Maintains color and nose longer
  • Extends Terpene Life

You can actually feel the difference in our plastic.

These vacuum bags are pre cut to 11"x24" & "15x20".
They are black on one side and clear on the other. Color options available

5 mil thick.

50 Packs

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