Packaging and samples of 454 Vacuum Bags, 15
Packaging for the 454 Vacuum Bags, emphasizing the unique, proprietary plastic blend designed specifically for cannabis. Highlights its attributes like stronger seal, high oxygen barrier, and extended terpene life.
Close-up of the 454 Vacuum Bags, showcasing the clear and black sides of the 5 mil thick bags. Designed with a strong seal and puncture resistance for optimal cannabis storage and protection.

15" x 20" - Vacuum Bags - Black and Clear - 5mil - 250ct

$224.99 USD
Are you sous vide cooking or storing cannabis? Other vacuum bag brands just copy bags that were designed for storing meats and sous vide cooking.  454 Vacuum Bags are a unique, proprietary plastic that was formulated specifically for cannabis. We tested blend after blend to find the perfect plastic for cannabis.  Stronger Seal Higher oxygen barrier Puncture Resistant Maintains color and nose longer Extends Terpene Life You can actually feel the difference in our plastic. These vacuum bags are pre cut to 15"x20". Perfect to fit 1lb of cannabis. They are black on one side and clear on the other. 5 mil thick. 250 count.

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454 Bags

Tote Liners Done Right

Softer Plastic Won't Strip Trichomes...Easy Dispensing Roll, No Mess Getting Liners Out...
Oversized For Easy Application
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